Landscape Design & Construction

We have numerous resources that we use to ensure satisfaction through all stages of the project. We use cutting edge technology which allows us to create realistic design plans, which help to create accurate representation of how the finished project will look.

In addition to new custom projects we offer additions and remodels on existing hardscape. We will inspect the condition of the existing infrastructure and recommend if any legacy pieces will need to be replaced. No matter how large or small the job, we accept nothing less than perfection from ourselves and complete satisfaction from our customers.

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desert update

This remodel was designed and created to fit a specific area that was hardscaped already. This job was unique in that existing structure, specific plants and colors had to be preserved. The end result was a mix of new and preexisting elements.

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Front yard elegance

The owner of the property had elements that they wanted implemented. One was a custom pavers pattern. They wanted to driveway and pathway to the front door to be as unique as their entry way. Additional plants and rocks were added as needed.

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tight constraints

Often some of the best projects are created under tight constraints. Whether it is budget, space, time or options we work hard to overcome any obstacle. Plants, lighting and irrigation were added for beauty and support.